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Derelict Holiday Deal

Here it is, the Derelict Holiday Deal:
This is in effect for December 2011.
Don’t miss your chance.

Holiday Deal – Discography
Grab our entire discography in digital form for $10.
This includes:
Promo EP – 2011
Unspoken Words – 2009
Carry the Flame EP – 2008

Holiday Deal – Discography + Shirt
Everything in Discography + the new Expiry shirt for $20.
In this package, the music is essentially free!

Holiday Deal – Discography + Shirt + Tuque
Everything in Discography + Shirt, + the Derelict tuque, for $30.
In this package, the music is essentially free, AND you’re getting 33% off on the tuque.

Last but not least, every song is 50 cents by itself, and there are a few free ones.

We hope everyone has had a great 2011. We’ll be back in 2012 with a new album, so thanks for supporting us, and remember, when you buy music and merch, you help bands make music and go on tour. Cheers!

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Behind The Lyrics: Forth With The Herd

Quick update before the article: Jordan just finished up drums for the new album in studio, and we’re going to have video footage of that in the next few days.

Hi! Eric here. This is another post in our series about the meanings behind the song lyrics.

This time I’m covering ‘Forth With The Herd’:

I wrote these lyrics when I was in university. At the time, I was working hard on some sound production courses through which I was learning how to engineer and edit. In fact, all of our 2008 EP Carry The Flame, as well as the guitar tracking for Unspoken Words were done through those classes, which was great. (And I met Max there, which turned out for the best, haha.)

What wasn’t so great was the mentality that I was surrounded with at the time. Perhaps it was the age group, or the class/culture (upper middle-suburban-white) many of my fellow students came from, but I felt like at lot of them had no idea why they were studying. Their parents had pushed them into it and were paying for it, so these kids just went along, sucking the teat, and assuming they would get a six-figure job at the end of a communications degree… ha! These people are part of what I call “The Seasame Street Generation”, people who were told they could be whatever they wanted to be, so they just go along with the flow without any plan, but still expect to be rich/famous/world leaders/etc.

The other part that was bothering me was the corporate business aspect of higher education. Call me naïve, but I only realized a few years in that universities really just are businesses. They need corporate sponsorships. They need good PR. That means hypocritical things like publishing a Dean’s list in the newspaper and setting up booths by organizations like the military or credit card companies to try and rope students in. There are many sides to this issue, I know that, but it still bothers me fundamentally.

In the end, I’m not saying “fuck higher education”, in fact quite the opposite, I’m saying that there should be more of it and that it should be of better quality. I just don’t think school should ever be used as a substitute for the real world. If you don’t know what the Hell to do with your life, get some kind of job, travel, try things, but for fuck’s sake don’t just go into some program because someone else said it was a good idea. Go when you’re ready and grow up in the meantime.

Forth With The Herd
Welcome to class now you are
Locked up all your life in a concrete structure
Blocked off from the world
Clogging up your thoughts with the empty notions
Null on the outside

Live, learn

A blank stare responds
The master of ceremonies drones right on for hours
The blinding lights go dull
The brilliant babies go back home uninspired

Running up your brain through the rodent mazes
Cold and predefined
Making all the necessary contributions
Keep within the lines

Hold still

Welcome to academic success
Jerk off to your name on the Dean’s List

Slowly marching forth with the herd
The umbilical cord of the world
Choking off the breath of your mind
Hollowed out and starving for life

Recycle the elite pinned to your chest
Leaning to the right while stroking the left

Slowly marching forth with the herd
The umbilical cord of the world
Embryonic brains without spines
A flock of talking heads in disguise

Disappear in a sea of cloned thought patterns

Slowly marching forth with the herd
The umbilical cord of the world
Self-aborted right in your prime

Speak up your idea will inspire and shine
Alas it’s been thought a thousand times

Castrate yourself with the fear of being less than wealthy

Rapid-fire attempts at quick inspiration leave you broke and numb
The paralyzing pain of their expectations causes you to run

Drop out

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Hailing from Montreal, Derelict mixes the brutal and technical elements of the Quebec metal scene with listenable structures and melody, resulting in an unforgiving yet accessible package. The band’s trademark sound has led to comparisons with the likes of Death, Strapping Young Lad, Obscura and The Black Dahlia Murder.

In 2009, the release of the Unspoken Words album through Year of the Sun Records marked a kickoff point for Derelict with several national tours, increased media exposure, and greater critical acclaim. The band’s 2012 followup release, Perpetuation was once again mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson of Cryptopsy and contains 12 furious tracks that showcase an upgraded version of what Derelict fans have come to love. This new crushing-yet-memorable opus led the band to be nominated for “Metal Artist Of The Year” at the 2013 Canadian Independent Music Awards alongside Devin Townsend and Bison BC, as well as to secure international distribution through Maple Metal Records.

“This album was long in the making, and saw the band through some intense challenges,” says vocalist Eric Burnet. “We survived our trials and came back much stronger. Perpetuation is streamlined Derelict: it has fast tempos and brutal riffs, but lots of melody and catchiness too. We all pushed ourselves to expand what we could do with our instruments, and we got Sébastien Pittet (ex-Augury) playing fretless bass on it too!”

With the help of constant touring within Canada, and support for international acts such as Decapitated, Cryptopsy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel, The Agonist, Revocation and Threat Signal, the band continues to spread its socio-political message of self-empowerment, freedom and peace to a mass of receptive fans.


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