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Derelict Nominated At The Canadian Independent Music Awards

We are extremely proud and happy to announce that we have been nominated for Metal Artist Or Group Of The Year at the 2013 Canadian Independent Music Awards.

The other nominees in our category are
Bison BC (Metal Blade Records)
Devin Townsend (eOne Music Canada)
Mares Of Thrace (Sonic Unyon Records)
Scythia (Independent)

The first thing we have to say is THANK YOU. The reason we are there is that metalheads all over Canada supported us in 2012, be they fans, DJs, journalists, fellow musicians and so on. It’s really an amazing feeling to know that our music is appreciated.

Next we have to state that no matter who wins, we are already winners for having been mentioned alongside those fantastic bands. Devin Townsend has been a huge influence to all the members of Derelict.
Scythia and Derelict have also crossed paths once before, when we were both on tour and stopping in Red Deer, Alberta. Awesome to see that we’ve both grown and expanded since then!

Lastly, we’re going to have to be whores and encourage you guys to vote for us. The winner is determined by fan votes. An award would look great in our jam space.

We love you. See you soon!

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Canadian Metal, CBC Radio and Derelict

Attention Canadian fans: CBC Music has an awesome online metal station. They play us regularly, along with tons of other Canadian and international metal. Nice to see our tax dollars funding something heavy that’s not a fighter jet.

For international fans, we’re sorry, the station is geo-tagged, so only us Canucks can access it.

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2012 in music from Eric

Top 5 Albums
Why five? I find that ten is too many, too permissive. I would be very pleased to hear any of these five at almost any time, any place.

GorodA Perfect Absolution
I know Gorod have been around for a while, but I had not checked them out before this album. Tech death done right, with just enough innovation to be fresh, enough outside influences to be diverse and enough form to fit right in. Masterful stuff.

The FacelessAutotheism
I very much enjoy it when bands progress and change for non-commercial purposes. These guys take a long time between albums, but always come back with great new ideas and developments. Some have complained about the abundance of clean vocals on this album, but I’m more than down. I also really dig the message.

One of my original major influences and hometown heroes, back with a vengeance. Fantastic songwriting, technical displays and production. We got to play with them live for the first time, which was really cool. All hail the unspoken kings.

Woods Of YpresWoods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Lights
This album has had a profound effect on me. David Gold’s reputation led me to check out WOY between 4 and 5, and I became an instant fan. The music and lyrics on this release are extremely powerful and speak to the nature of depression and sadness like nothing I’ve heard before. Very sad that Gold has left this world. Hopefully others feeling pain similar to his will find light in his music.

RevocationTeratogenesis EP
What can I say besides: Revo are masters, and this may be their best work to date. Short and sweet, this EP is hugely heavy but very musical. Excellent metal.


Yeah, I’m a whore. But you know what? I’m really damn proud of this album. Suck it.
Listen to it right there ===>>>

Cattle DecapitationMonolith Of Inhumanity
This is a great death metal / grindcore record. The reason it’s not in my Top 5 is that it overwhelms me after a while, and I can’t listen to it too often. Travis’ vocals are off the charts. To be studied.

A great tech death record. Doesn’t top Gorod, but is very original and I spin it often.

OdiumBurning The Bridges To Nowhere
My good friends have released their sophomore full-length. It’s awesome. So is their debut, At The Bottom. They combine heavy groove-based metal with melody and progressiveness. They don’t fit into any one scene or trend, which is great and refreshing.

Anaal NathrakhVanitas
Another new discovery of an established band. Man, such total destruction. They came to Montreal for the first time ever and I was there. Raw, sublimely aggressive and pretty damn original.

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Unspoken Words Ad
Derelict Merch Ad
Derelict Merch Ad



Hailing from Montreal, Derelict mixes the brutal and technical elements of the Quebec metal scene with listenable structures and melody, resulting in an unforgiving yet accessible package. The band’s trademark sound has led to comparisons with the likes of Death, Strapping Young Lad, Obscura and The Black Dahlia Murder.

In 2009, the release of the Unspoken Words album through Year of the Sun Records marked a kickoff point for Derelict with several national tours, increased media exposure, and greater critical acclaim. The band’s 2012 followup release, Perpetuation was once again mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson of Cryptopsy and contains 12 furious tracks that showcase an upgraded version of what Derelict fans have come to love. This new crushing-yet-memorable opus led the band to be nominated for “Metal Artist Of The Year” at the 2013 Canadian Independent Music Awards alongside Devin Townsend and Bison BC, as well as to secure international distribution through Maple Metal Records.

“This album was long in the making, and saw the band through some intense challenges,” says vocalist Eric Burnet. “We survived our trials and came back much stronger. Perpetuation is streamlined Derelict: it has fast tempos and brutal riffs, but lots of melody and catchiness too. We all pushed ourselves to expand what we could do with our instruments, and we got Sébastien Pittet (ex-Augury) playing fretless bass on it too!”

With the help of constant touring within Canada, and support for international acts such as Decapitated, Cryptopsy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel, The Agonist, Revocation and Threat Signal, the band continues to spread its socio-political message of self-empowerment, freedom and peace to a mass of receptive fans.


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Eric Burnet – VocalsFacebook | Twitter
Jordan Perry – DrumsFacebook | Youtube
Max Lussier – GuitarFacebook | Twitter
Xavier Sperdouklis – Bass
Simon Cléroux – Guitar…Facebook

Sébastien Pittet - Fretless Bass (Perpetuation Studio)… Myspace

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