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Behind The Lyrics: Shackles Of Indoctrination

Thanks for checking out the first Behind The Lyrics article for our new album, Perpetuation.
This one is about the first single, “Shackles Of Indoctrination”.
Perpetuation comes out on April 20th, but you can pre-order it now on Bandcamp.

Caught in between an overwhelming sense of duty
And the instinct to survive
Forced into an twisted chain of daily tortures
A perilous compromise

Coiled into machine-like tension
Told to ignore grueling symptoms

Birthed to slave
To toil in redundancy
Taught to behave
To appreciate hypocrisy

Welcoming the sweet release of stupefied intoxication
Finally numbing the aches of daily blood work
Kneeling down before the kings of stable economics
Kissing the ring on the hand of the chief executive god

Your desire for free will is unproductive
Your frustration with your life is irrelevant
Work yourself down to the bone to produce nothing
Give yourself unto the system till you die

Unless you take it back…

Why do we bear subjugation
And never dare to react?
Allow our lives to be purchased
With riches made off our backs
“Work hard, and save our nation”
Lies told keep us controlled
Meanwhile we grow our knowledge
The truest power we hold

This song is about the frustration and despair many people around the world feel about the realities of their daily lives, mostly having to do with labor and the things we must do to make a living.
It’s also about power, and how we give it up because we’re too afraid to challenge the way things are.

Even though we’ve made incredible leaps in knowledge and technology, a vast majority of people are still forced to work grueling and degrading jobs just to survive. On the one hand we’re building Mars probes and unmanned military drones, and on the other most of us grind away endlessly in order to earn a living. There is a huge technological and resource access gap here that speaks to the true imbalance of power in our system.

Meanwhile, propaganda is wielded against us to make us believe this is all for the best. Every time a group speaks out against injustice, we’re led to believe the are radicals and extremists.

Although I point fingers in a lot of my lyrics, this time around I wanted to direct the focus back at all of us, the people who are directly affected and should be angry about the way things are.

Why do we choose to be subservient? Well, we’re largely raised by the system to continue living in the conditions we were born in. For many of us, daily life drains us of all energy required to think beyond our circumstances. Pressures from all sides try to tell us what to do and what to think, and although we know it’s bullshit, we’re tired, so we listen.

But I see a glimmer of hope. A bigger and bigger portion of the world population is gaining access to the Internet, and therefore to free and virtually unlimited information.

In the past, monarchs could only keep control over their peasants because they kept them ignorant and afraid. I don’t think we’re all that afraid anymore, and I think a lot of us are starting to shed our ignorance as well. We’re coming together and figuring things out. And the more we learn, the more pissed off we’re becoming.

So I guess my point with this song is to say: if you’re not happy with your life, change it. The people at the top want you exactly where you are, so don’t wait around for them to make things better for you. Use the power (knowledge) that you have. If you feel like you have none, start by seeking it out. If you’re reading this on the Internet, you have the gift of information at your fingertips.
Use it to create power for yourself, and make your life better.

On that note, I’ll leave you with a video I watched recently and found uplifting.
These guys may be on to something, so if this speaks to you, check out

If you like this kind of stuff, share some with us on the Derelict Facebook page ( Thanks for reading!

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2-Song Review From Death Metal Baboon

Hey! Check out what Death Metal Baboon thinks about our two new songs, “Perpetuation” and “Shackles Of Indoctrination”.

Like he said, hit up our Bandcamp page and grab them both for free!

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New Song Online, and It’s A Free Download

Good morning metal throngs!

We’re finally launching a new song from Perpetuation!
It’s a free download, so if you want the track, go to
You can also pre-order the album, and if you do, you’ll receive a digital copy the day of release via email, and your physical CD and/or shirt will ship then too, if you opted for that.
Buying anything from us, even a $5 digital copy of the album, really helps to fund our activities.

Without further delay, here’s “Shackles Of Indoctrination”:

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New Album Teaser Vid Online, Pre-Orders Available

We’re happy to say that we’ve finally put a piece of the new album online!

Check out this guitar solo video from the song “Shackles Of Indoctrination”:

The video was produced by Chimera Sky Studios (

The pre-orders of “Perpetuation” are now online, so go here and check out the packages we’re offering:

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Hailing from Montreal, Derelict mixes the brutal and technical elements of the Quebec metal scene with listenable structures and melody, resulting in an unforgiving yet accessible package. The band’s trademark sound has led to comparisons with the likes of Death, Strapping Young Lad, Obscura and The Black Dahlia Murder.

In 2009, the release of the Unspoken Words album through Year of the Sun Records marked a kickoff point for Derelict with several national tours, increased media exposure, and greater critical acclaim. The band’s 2012 followup release, Perpetuation was once again mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson of Cryptopsy and contains 12 furious tracks that showcase an upgraded version of what Derelict fans have come to love. This new crushing-yet-memorable opus led the band to be nominated for “Metal Artist Of The Year” at the 2013 Canadian Independent Music Awards alongside Devin Townsend and Bison BC, as well as to secure international distribution through Maple Metal Records.

“This album was long in the making, and saw the band through some intense challenges,” says vocalist Eric Burnet. “We survived our trials and came back much stronger. Perpetuation is streamlined Derelict: it has fast tempos and brutal riffs, but lots of melody and catchiness too. We all pushed ourselves to expand what we could do with our instruments, and we got Sébastien Pittet (ex-Augury) playing fretless bass on it too!”

With the help of constant touring within Canada, and support for international acts such as Decapitated, Cryptopsy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel, The Agonist, Revocation and Threat Signal, the band continues to spread its socio-political message of self-empowerment, freedom and peace to a mass of receptive fans.


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