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‘Yours To Surpass’ Free Download, Live Video, And Song Explanation

Montreal technical death metal shredders Derelict have made their song “Yours To Surpass” available for free download via their Bandcamp page:

The song features on the band’s new album, Perpetuation, released independently on April 20th, 2012.

“‘Yours To Surpass’ is about personal strength and determination,” explains Derelict vocalist Eric Burnet. “Metal is typically very angry music, but we got a little tired of letting our negative emotions feed themselves, and so this song seeks to turn anger into personal power. You’re only helpless if you let yourself be.”

The song was also the focus of a recent feature via antiMUSIC network, in which Derelict explain the story behind the music and lyrics in more detail. Read it here:

Lastly, a live video of “Yours To Surpass” from the Perpetuation album launch show in Montreal recently came online, at this location:

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Derelict Release Two New Exclusive Drum Videos

Jordan Perry, drummer for the Canadian technical death metal band Derelict, has released two new exclusive videos. The first is a peek into the recording sessions of the band’s critically-acclaimed 2012 album, Perpetuation, as Perry lays down the parts for the song “Intricate Decay”.
Watch it here:

The second is a lesson video in which Perry explains how to play the intro to the song “Digital Birthright”.
Watch it here:

For more on Derelict, visit the band’s official website,, or head over to for lots more drum video content from Jordan!

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Derelict Confirm 5-Piece Lineup, Release New Guitar Footage

Freshly returned from their Eastern Emergence Tour of the Canadian Maritimes, Montreal tech death shredders Derelict are pleased to confirm the addition of guitarist Simon Cléroux (The Unconscious Mind) and bassist Xavier Sperdouklis (ex-Vengeful) to their permanent lineup.

“Simon and Xav have been with us since we released Perpetuation in April,” comments Derelict vocalist Eric Burnet. “They have proven themselves to be hard-working musicians, as well as a lot of fun on the road! They both put a huge amount of work into learning our songs, and they’re already both contributing to writing new material. We’re looking forward to the next album being even more collaborative than Perpetuation.”

New full-band press photos can be found here ( and here (

In addition, Derelict have added to their growing bank of instrument footage with two new guitar solo videos, produced by Chimera Sky Studios.
Watch Max Lussier perform the solos to “Intricate Decay” and “Ergogenic” here:

For more Derelict, please visit


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Hailing from Montreal, Derelict mixes the brutal and technical elements of the Quebec metal scene with listenable structures and melody, resulting in an unforgiving yet accessible package. The band’s trademark sound has led to comparisons with the likes of Death, Strapping Young Lad, Obscura and The Black Dahlia Murder.

In 2009, the release of the Unspoken Words album through Year of the Sun Records marked a kickoff point for Derelict with several national tours, increased media exposure, and greater critical acclaim. The band’s 2012 followup release, Perpetuation was once again mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson of Cryptopsy and contains 12 furious tracks that showcase an upgraded version of what Derelict fans have come to love. This new crushing-yet-memorable opus led the band to be nominated for “Metal Artist Of The Year” at the 2013 Canadian Independent Music Awards alongside Devin Townsend and Bison BC, as well as to secure international distribution through Maple Metal Records.

“This album was long in the making, and saw the band through some intense challenges,” says vocalist Eric Burnet. “We survived our trials and came back much stronger. Perpetuation is streamlined Derelict: it has fast tempos and brutal riffs, but lots of melody and catchiness too. We all pushed ourselves to expand what we could do with our instruments, and we got Sébastien Pittet (ex-Augury) playing fretless bass on it too!”

With the help of constant touring within Canada, and support for international acts such as Decapitated, Cryptopsy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel, The Agonist, Revocation and Threat Signal, the band continues to spread its socio-political message of self-empowerment, freedom and peace to a mass of receptive fans.


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